2016 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

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From the latest in home technology to fitness trackers with style to the best services for taking TV, movies and music on the go, this 24-page magazine covers all of the bases for the holiday season’s top gift category 

Story lineup:

• Tracking in Style: Fitness Tracker Buying Guide 

• Code Word: Fun!: New Fun-cational Toys Teach Coding Basics 

• The Hot Accessories Your Smartphone Needs

• A ‘Virtual’ Holiday Dream Come True:  the top new VR gifts 

• Players Gonna Play: The Best Video Games to Gift This Holiday

• A High-Flying, High-Tech Gift: Drones for Any Age

 Suggested advertisers: Retail, large tech stores, coding courses, car dealers,computer/phone repair technicians, fitness stores, specialty stores and more!


Originally released September 28, 2016.

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