Body & More Physical Therapy Guide

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A 13-page magazine geared toward one of the fastest growing health segments in your market - physical therapy! Includes two covers to suit your publication needs, and a unique, well-rounded story lineup:

  • Let’s Get Physical Therapy!
  • Ease pain and get moving again with the help of a skilled practitioner 
  • Unbreakable You
  • How physical therapy helps combat and treat osteoporosis
  • How to Relieve Chronic Back Pain
  • No More Falls: Tips to Regain Balance

 Suggested advertisers:

hospitals, flotation studios, acupuncturists, dietitians, yoga studios, health food stores, vitamin stores, gyms, personal trainers, water aerobics, chiropractors, fitness stores, visiting nurses, personal trainers,weight loss centers, specialty doctors, physical therapists and more!



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