Brides 365® Bridal Planner 2016

CTW Features

Released February 10, 2016, this 24-page magazine is an informative, fun how-to guide for brides and grooms preparing for their big day. Issue lineup:

  • Planning: 5 Tips to Plan a Theme Wedding
  • Venues: On the Hunt for a Perfect Venue
  • Invitations: Be Our Guest
  • Gowns: The Dress Evaluation
  • Flowers: Minimal Fuss, Maximum Impact
  • Food: Station to Station
  • Cake: 4 Trendy & Tasty Cake Ideas
  • Dessert: How to Create a Beautiful Dessert Bar
  • Photography: How to Find a Photographer for Your Style
  • Rings: Etched with Love

Collections: Brides/Weddings, Products

Category: 2016, 24 pages, Bridal, Planning

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