HomeStyle: Spring/Summer 2015 HS215

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Originally published April 8, 2015, this 24-page magazine features the latest trends in home furnishings and decorating with a special focus on outdoor living. Lineup includes:

• 6 Secrets to a Stunning Laundry Room
Don’t let your laundry room be an afterthought. Here’s how to make yours stylish, functional and eco-friendly

• Bold & Brassy
Crave a metal with a little less shine and bit more depth? Brass is big in modern interior design. Here’s how to incorporate it into your home

• Backyards Ablaze
Light up with the latest trends in grills, fire pits and outdoor lighting

• All the Comforts of Home … Outside
Crave a little coziness under the stars? Turn any outdoors space into a retreat that’s just as comfortable as your living room

• Hands Off the Garden!
Eco-friendly and low-maintenance, drought-tolerant gardens are all the outdoor rage. From landscaping, to maintenance to containers, here’s what a savvy gardener needs to know before planting

• Ask the Designer: Homemaking 2.0
Modern domesticity expert and author, Brit Morin

• Sleep with a Clear Conscious
Organic bedding proponents say the natural fibers aren’t just better for the planet – but for your health, too

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