Winter Living 2024

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The air is chilly and the holidays have come and gone, but there are ways to make the winter season warm and bright. Introducing our latest product, Winter Living. 

This product features 3 unique covers, 6 informative stories, and multiple advertising spaces throughout. Both digital/online and print are available to best suit your customers’ needs. Topics covered include:

  • Beautiful Place to Visit This Winter
  • Winter Traditions from Around the World
  • Surviving the Winter Season when you aren't a "Winter" Person
  • And more!

Recommended advertisers:

  • Grocery stores
  • Home and decor stores
  • Travel-based companies
  • Health supplies retailers
  • Gyms

Is your publication no longer running print tabs in your paper? No problem! This content can be utilized however suits your publications needs - run as a special weekly story for six weeks of content, publish online to include in your email newsletters, talk to a local advertiser to get an entire section branded and sponsored by them - the possibilities are endless!

Note: Your size refers to your publication's circulation size/DMI

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